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Originally posted by lnyanjun. Nevermind the fact that you, more likely than not, have either barely or never heard of any of these artists. Nevermind the fact that most every girl is wearing some fierce makeup and most every guy is shirtless. You can handle that, really. The other girl looked back at you, saying something to your sister, but she shrugged and continued walking.

A split second before your head violently smacks the railing, the Chinese man lunges forward, catches you, and spins so that his shoulders hit the railing and not your head.

To your back? Turn around. Your sister comes back, and you and Xukun shake hands.

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That makes its way into a piece he jams over your ears on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. As does the time you whooped his ass in basketball And the kiss you shared after he let you down from his back when the BTS concert in Beijing was done he looks at you tenderly as you rest your reddening face behind the plush pig you named Cai Zhukun Originally posted by lnyanjun Posted 2 years ago with notes Tagged: cai xukun yuu boyfriend bullet au idol producer idol producer scenarios cai xukun scenario.Page finished his shell meal and ate a lot of fruit.

I thought Tonya's skirt was conservative. When she turned around, it was only because we were too young. This swimsuit is not designed properly. It's embarrassing to see something that shouldn't have appeared. Hide-and-seek jealous of fire by the big and little sisters who are frozen and foolish on cold nights. Science and technology. Pomoho Video. The Wind of Summer. When she. It's embarr.

Hide-and-seek jealous of fire by the big and little si. Headlines Today.

cai xukun sister

XDD punches people's waists with their fists and gives them to them. King glorifies Li Baisi and shows Japanese devils with blood. The third set of CAI Xukun's broadcast gymnastics. Car More.

Car encyclopedia elder sister sa.

cai xukun sister

The traffic police dare not stop. Super electric car with four peo. There is no charge for this kind. Who should be responsible for th. The driver dozed off when the va. Driving a newly bought car in a. Reversing on the highway is just. Cate More. Five minutes hard dish: black pe. Use this tea to keep the summer. Don't steam the sweet potato any. In autumn, I like to eat prawns. It's nice to eat and drink DIY ". It's delicious to eat the octopu. South Korea eat Bo Xinjie, straw. Kamei, the king of Korean stomac.

Dance More. Square dance a "snow lotus girl".Ask away, sweet Submit a post. Cai Xukun as your brother Protective but cool brother. He is very aware of your body language in social situations, thus instantly noticing your awkward stance when around a sketchy guy. Teaches you how to dance in his free time since it also helps him with memorizing the new choreo quicker.

Yeah, that looked better than what you just did. You also sometimes give him tips of how to improve certain parts of the dance and you can tell he appreciates your little inputs. Failed attempts to cook while your parents are away. They end up either in burnt food, an absolute mess of a kitchen, unidentified cooked objects or all of the above. Buys you weird souvenirs from wherever he goes, or even rocks or food wrappers just to see the strange look on your face when receiving them and laughing at you.

Gets mad when you throw them away tho and switches to annoyed diva Xukun. Aesthetic pics torture. You have to take at least 50 pictures per session and much to your annoyance, he sometimes ends up not using any. When he does post them, however, you make sure to leave some passive aggressive comment on his picture, which his fans absolutely live for.

And catch this, he had me take 37 more pictures despite the smell. The Gucci sweater is just a cover up. Still a legend. Now onto the unwanted fame.

As expected, the said exposure came as a package with your fair share of online hate. Though not as much as a random girl in the presence of Xukun, considering you were his sister, the hate was still noticeable. However, more often than not, Xukun would delete the nasty comments as soon as he laid eyes on them. He would also go on your account and do so since he had your password. You did catch him red-handed once, when he thought you were sleeping.

He jumps, taken aback by your sudden presence as his every action looks like a stutter.They officially debuted on November 20th, and according … Jaehyun Popularity. His father is from Taiwan and his mother is from Jiangxi. Singer Born in China Chapter 7. Nationality: Chinese.

See more ideas about Cute boys, Idol and Singer. He has a younger sister. In the final episode, more than million votes were cast, with first-place winner Cai Xukun raking in more than 47 million votes. They are formed by the reality show Idol Producer by iQiyi in The year-old idol born in Hunan, China, surprised everyone, including the judges, when he auditioned for the programme.

Cai Xukun, or August Cai, the participant with the highest number of final votes in the Idol Producer show, tried to end his contract early with his former agency, the company demanded a large sum of compensation for the contract breach. However his looks may propel him into the final 9. He debuted as the center of iQiyi's boy group Nine Percent. Cai xukun sister Cai Xukun. Most Popular He studied at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Born on February 14 Cai Xukun's basketball is a classic Sister and brother fought two cocks and were chased back.

Blood Type: A. Games and emotions are two separate entities, and he plans to keep it that way. Cai xukun sister Image above: Almagul Menlibayeva, Caspian Palms,Kazakhstan, digital inkjet print on archival paper The 16th Sovereign Asian Art Prize looks to be one of the project's most exciting line-ups yet, with 31 mid-career artists from the Asia-Pacific region shortlisted for the US, grand prize.

As expected, the said exposure came as a package with your fair share of online hate. It's hard to learn from him. He is considered a versatile player.Keep reading. Originally posted by idolsproducer. The air was crisp at night in LA, and it was beginning to make you regret the skirt you had worn. You had decided to attend a party with your friend, who had stated that it was hosted by someone she worked with. After another two blocks your friend perked up, her head shooting towards you in excitation as she points in front of you.

Following your friend inside you were met with the overwhelming stench of beer, but to your surprise the party was not as crowded or busy as you thought. It seemed more like a casual gathering that had grown into a small party - only with the loudest group of boys you had ever heard all in one area of the loungeroom.

cai xukun sister

The music was blaring out of a set of speakers in the corner of the room, and it was hard to deny that whoever had created the mix had excellent taste. The bass of the song was easily reverberating throughout your entire body. Despite the small urge you had to dance, your friend instead decided that it would be a much better idea to first grab a drink and who were you to deny her.

Only moments later you had a cup in hand and liquid in your mouth, much to the delight of your friend. She has claimed that it was time for you to destress, the semester already taking its toll on you despite the lack of deadlines. Therefore, you had practically set up camp in the kitchen - cup in one hand, phone in the other and a bowl of chips to your left. The continued shovelling of chips into your mouth had left you somewhat oblivious to the figure that quietly entered the kitchen. Your head snapped towards the sound of the voice and your eyes widened as they set upon the male in front of you.

He was lanky and tall, though if you looked hard enough it was easy to see he was hiding toned muscles under his long-sleeved shirt.

Long blonde hair fell in front of his eyes, partially obscuring them from your view. The stranger was looking at you intensely, his gaze not leaving your own form even as you scrambled to swallow your food and hop down from your seat on the counter.

A slightly strangled noise later, you introduced yourself to him. Looking at his genuine expression it became easier for you to relax and you could feel your heart rate slowly going back down.

Boyfriend Bullet AU—Cai Xukun

You figured no harm would come to you if you talked to this handsome stranger for a little while until your friend returned, so you replied politely. Sorry again. What I want to know though, is what you are doing hiding out in the kitchen while everyone else is out there? Blue dress?Cai Xukun born August 2,better known by the mononym Kun stylized as KUNis a Chinese singer-songwriter, dancer, actor and rapper.

Tour ", coming in early April Upon release, the EP also immediately dominated domestic music charts and sold over 63 million with more than 60 million RMB in revenue, dubbing him the "King of Digital Singles" of Kun was born on August 2, in WenzhouZhejiang but partially spent his childhood in Hunan with his grandparents and later grew up in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

InKun returned from the U.

During the two seasons of the show, Kun experienced constant pressure and fierce competition from other participants, receiving intensive idol training.

After a period of about two years on the show, Kun's performance skills saw an unprecedented improvement, earning him a spot in the Top 3. As the group had already accumulated a sizable fan base at the time, the debut was highly anticipated by both the members and their fans. However, due to Yihai's mismanagement, the group rarely had performance opportunities and public appearances, which resulted in a dwindling fan base and popularity.

In the beginning ofKun filed a lawsuit against Yihai Entertainment Company to terminate his contract. After a period of dormancy from the entertainment industry, Kun decided to join Season 1 of reality survival show Idol Producer as an independent trainee at the end of Kun performed his self-written and self-composed song "I Wanna Get Love" in the first episode, captivating many viewers and the judges.

Despite some controversy, Kun attracted a large fanbase through his performance skills, stage presence and charm. He quickly rose to fame and became a hot topic for discussion on the survival show. In addition to receiving considerably high votes after each evaluation performance in the show, Kun also earned rank no.

By May 3, it had reached over 5. In July, Kun set up his own personal studio. The first track, "Pull Up", became an instant hit and broke 10 records on QQ Musicthe largest music streaming platform in China. He also edited the sensational music video for "Pull Up". With this honorable title, Kun called on mutual cultural exchanges between China and Jamaica.

He said that he hopes to become a positive role-model for the younger generation. This song marks a noteworthy collaboration between Kun and renowned cinematic actor and entertainer, Jackie Chan. On January 18, the first episode of Cai Xukun's Unfinisheda documentary series initiated by Weibowas released. This short video series spans across various themes close to his heart and is expected to run for 12 episodes. The song was a collaboration between two musicians, with composition by Yoga Lin and lyrics written by Kun.

A week later on February 26, an animated music video for "No Exception" was released. Attempting to relate his own story with a personal narrative while being aligned to the overall theme of the song, Kun chose a controlled and melodic singing style when delivering this melancholic ballad. It is worth noting that the tickets for the Los Angeles and New York shows were sold out online within the first few minutes they went on sale.

On March 15, Kun released the first of his first DJ mix, "Bigger" on Spotify and was one of the tracks performed at his solo tour in April. The release date for "Bigger" was slated for March 22 in China. Prior to the song's release, Kun updated his social media accounts with three photos in succession, captioned 'H', 'T' and 'G'.

The song was first performed during his first solo tour. The music video of this song was released a bit later than expected, but it was released on May 3 through Kun's new YouTube Channel. The music video for "Hard To Get" has been viewed for over 10 million times on YouTube and million times on his Weibo.

meet nine percent! (idol producer's final group)

Kun was invited to be a guest judge for the 11th episode of the World's Got Talentfilmed in Hunan, China. For the first time in its history, the program was the Most Discussed Variety Show of the day. Kun actively took part in the creation process including production, creating ideas for the music video, editing the music video, helping out with the choreography and designing the cover of the EP. In just 1 minute and 21 seconds the EP achieved 9 of QQ Music's awards and caused the creation of two more certifications.

Altogether the EP earned more than 20 million yuan. The song expresses Kun's desire to break through his shell and show a fearless side to him.The show was aired and broadcast online on January 19, on iQiyi.

In the season finale, the show announced that the final 9 contestants will debut as the official group under the name Nine Percent. Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Twitter. Follow user. Unfollow user. Unfollow collections. Unfollow all. Are you sure you want to unfollow the collection " " by?

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Add From URL. Get the Heart Button. Add button to my site. He writes and composes his own songs and raps He studied in the United States Onhe acted on his first film called Perfect Wife Onhe debuted with the ten member c-pop boy group SWIN, which is now suspected to have disbanded He eats a lot, but hardly gains weight. His hobbies are playing basketball, swimming and exercising. His fandom is called iKuns. He looks cool on stage but offstage he's the softest bean. His hobbies are playing the piano and playing basketball.

His first public appearance with his sister was on 's Berlin International Film Festival.