Minion masters commands

A great deal of information is available via the debug logging system, if you are having issues with minions connecting or not starting run the minion in the foreground:. Anyone wanting to run Salt daemons via a process supervisor such as monitrunitor supervisordshould omit the -d argument to the daemons and run them in the foreground. No ports need to be opened on the minion, as it makes outbound connections to the master. If you've put both your Salt master and minion in debug mode and don't see an acknowledgment that your minion has connected, it could very well be a firewall interfering with the connection.

See our firewall configuration page for help opening the firewall on various platforms. If you have netcat installed, you can check port connectivity from the minion with the nc command:. The Nmap utility can also be used to check if these ports are open:. If you've opened the correct TCP ports and still aren't seeing connections, check that no additional access control system such as SELinux or AppArmor is blocking Salt.

Tools like tcptraceroute can also be used to determine if an intermediate device or firewall is blocking the needed TCP ports. The salt-call command was originally developed for aiding in the development of new Salt modules.

Since then, many applications have been developed for running any Salt module locally on a minion. These range from the original intent of salt-call development assistanceto gathering more verbose output from calls like state. When initially creating your state tree, it is generally recommended to invoke highstates by running state.

This displays far more information about the execution than calling it remotely. For even more verbosity, increase the loglevel using the -l argument:.

The main difference between using salt and using salt-call is that salt-call is run from the minion, and it only runs the selected function on that minion. By contrast, salt is run from the master, and requires you to specify the minions on which to run the command using salt's targeting system. If the minion seems to be unresponsive, a SIGUSR1 can be passed to the process to display what piece of code is executing. This debug information can be invaluable in tracking down bugs. Stop the service if it is running as a daemon, and start it in the foreground like so:.

When filing an issue or sending questions to the mailing list for a problem with an unresponsive daemon, be sure to include this information if possible.

As is outlined in github issueSalt cannot use python's multiprocessing pipes and queues from execution modules. Multiprocessing from the execution modules is perfectly viable, it is just necessary to use Salt's event system to communicate back with the process. The reason for this difficulty is that python attempts to pickle all objects in memory when communicating, and it cannot pickle function objects.

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Minion Masters on Xbox One

Since the Salt loader system creates and manages function objects this causes the pickle operation to fail. When a command being run via Salt takes a very long time to return package installations, certain scripts, etc. In most situations the job is still running but Salt has exceeded the set timeout before returning. Querying the job queue will provide the data of the job but is inconvenient.

Modifying the minion timeout value is not required when running commands from a Salt Master. It is only required when running commands locally on the minion. If a state. You are viewing docs for the latest stable release, Switch to docs for the previous stable release, Privacy Policy.

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Gather Minions and find unique Relics to build a completely unique combination, and use that to defeat a multitude of bosses in the Minion Masters world. The stories take you all around the world behind Minion Masters, from the Frozen Highlands where the merry Stouthearts live, to Jadespark Jungle that the mysterious Zen-Chi protect. Every run is a unique experience, varied with new bosses to beat and rewards to reap!

minion masters commands

Adventures is a great way to learn Minion Masters as well, and your rewards can be used in the online modes that have already entertained more than a million players.

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minion masters commands

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All Reviews:. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin and open source topics. Write for DigitalOcean You get paid, we donate to tech non-profits. DigitalOcean Meetups Find and meet other developers in your city. Become an author. SaltStack is a powerful, flexible, high performing configuration management and remote execution system. It can be used manage your infrastructure from a centralized location while minimizing manual maintenance steps.

To learn more about some of the terminologies and tools involved with SaltStack, check out this guide. In this article, we will focus on getting a Salt master server set up to manage your infrastructure. We will also demonstrate how to install the Salt minion daemon on other computers in order to manage them with Salt. We will be using two Ubuntu To get started, you should have at least two Ubuntu These should have a non-root user configured with sudo privileges.

You can learn how to create and configure these users by following our Ubuntu When you are ready to get started, log into the server you want to use as the Salt master with your sudo user. We will configure this machine first. The Salt master daemon can be installed in a number of ways on Ubuntu The following is a brief rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of each method:.

Below, we will outline how to install using the Ubuntu PPA method. We will also provide instructions on how to use the salt-bootstrap script to install both the stable and the development versions of Salt master.

It is up to you to decide which option suits your needs best. If you run into issues, there might be bug fixes available in the development version.

However, there is also a chance of running into newly released bugs. You can do this by typing:. Once you have confirmed the PPA addition, it will be added to your system.

To index the new packages available within, you will need to update your local package index. Afterwards, you can install the relevant software:. In the above command, we installed both the Salt master and minion daemons. This will allow us to control our master server with Salt as well. We also installed salt-ssh and salt-cloudwhich give us more flexibility in how we connect to and control resources.

At this point, you are done with the Salt master installation. Skip down to the initial master configuration section to get your new services up and running.

An alternative to using the PPA directly is to install the stable version using the salt-bootstrap script. This is available for download from the SaltStack website. One reason you may choose to use this method of installing the stable system over the above method is that it grabs some of its dependencies from the pip package manager. This may give you more up-to-date versions of some of the Salt dependencies.

To get started, move to your home directory or somewhere else where you have write permissions. We can use curl to download the bootstrap script. We will be following the instructions found on the salt-bootstrap GitHub page and will use the output name they selected for clarity:. At this point, take a look at the script to make sure that it is not doing anything that you do not approve of:. The salt-bootstrap script is maintained by the SaltStack team, but you should always check the contents of external scripts before running them.Hints and Tips for: Minion Masters.

Picking the Right Card in Draft: Written by InsidiouS The aim of this guide is to give you a better idea what would be a good pick the cards themself and to get better at decision of picking cards, as well making a solid deck that can get you to higher wins if played correctly.

There are few topics I will cover in the guide here is the list: 1. Masters and which one to pick and tiers in my opinion it may differ as well. Cards and stats of them.

Masters 1. Apep 2.

minion masters commands

King Puff 3. Milloween 4. Mordar 5. Ratbo 6.

Ravager 7. Settsu 8. Stormbringer 9. Volco Question now which one to pick well you can go with any you want but some perform better in draft since of card picks is not same and randomized. Cards and stats Ok this one is short if you want all the stats for cards you are interested in here is the link to it: Card list here. Big thanks for work of spredsheet by 3FFA just borrowing here so more people can find it Spreadsheet of cards and other data 3.

Picking the right card So how do you pick the right card well for draft mode you got 10 picks like you would make a premade deck in constructed but you get it randomized and ofc varying quality respondive.

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Now cards will always be same rarity type from 3 picks you get offered with certain odds for rarity type now lets see what types we got: 1. Tank 2. Air 3. Ranged 4. Reach 5. Tech 6. Regulars So lets begin 1. Tank is type of card that generaly has good hp amount and can take a beating that serves as meat shield for your other units of choice you deside to go with him.

Air self explained a unit that can fly and attacks from air to ground or air to air or only air to ground. Ranged generaly low hp units with good dps that counters trash minions or support to tank used to deal with air and have first hit in.

Reach any type of card that can allow you to get some damage in or to shape the flow of battle usually in form of dmg spell cards 5. Tech cards are the ones who generaly arent good on own as a card pick but can be very good if your deck synergy well with it like black hole to counter beam of doom on your tanker 6.

Regulars just solid cards with no special stats or abilitys handy to fill up deck a nd for mana cost manipulation.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Minion Bot Commands

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I have a RHEL6 minion running 0. Any command test. Are you asking me to restart the master or the minion? I've already tried restarting the minion, without any change.

There are several other new minions in the past 18 hours which are able to connect to the master. I was referring to the minion. Very odd that it won't reconnect on a restart. I assume you haven't changed any firewall rules recently on either host?

Though it shouldn't matter on the minion, and since other minions can still connect, firewall on the master is probably not the problem No firewall changes anywhere recently last change was over 6 months ago. Plus, I have hundreds of other minions on the same subnet as the system that won't connect. However, I've now found several other minions with the same problem as the first one. I have hundreds that work fine, and then a dozen that silently refuse to connect.

I ended up restarting the master, and that seems to have fixed the problem, or at least worked around it for the time being. However, this raises the question of what is going wrong on the master that it silently stops accepting connections from some minions? I have changed this to High Severity -- this bug is no good! The problem is that we have very little to go on.

When thatch45 is back in office later today or tomorrow, we'll look into it. That's fine. I've got a workaround for the time being. I'll be happy to provide any log verbosity info or whatever you need to investigate. However, I've only needed to do it once. If i have to do it often, then it wouldn't be a good workaround though. So have you seen it happen again since you restarted the master?

I doubt we will be able to reproduce thisAs of Salt 0. The multi-master system allows for redundancy of Salt masters and facilitates multiple points of communication out to minions.

When using a multi-master setup, all masters are running hot, and any active master can be used to send commands out to the minions. Beginning with Salt The minion data cache contains the Salt Mine data, minion grains, and minion pillar information cached on the Salt Master.

By default, Salt uses the localfs cache module, but other external data stores can be used instead. Using a pluggable minion cache modules allows for the data stored on a Salt Master about Salt Minions to be replicated on other Salt Masters the Minion is connected to. Please see the Minion Data Cache documentation for more information and configuration examples.

The first task is to prepare the redundant master. If the redundant master is already running, stop it. There is only one requirement when preparing a redundant master, which is that masters share the same private key. Take the private key, master. Do the same for the master's public key, master. Assuming that no minions have yet been connected to the new redundant master, it is safe to delete any existing key in this location and replace it.

Since minions need to be master-aware, the new master needs to be added to the minion configurations. Simply update the minion configurations to list all connected masters:. The length of these lists should match the number of masters, and there should not be overlap in the lists. Now the minions will check into the original master and also check into the new redundant master. Both masters are first-class and have rights to the minions. Minions can automatically detect failed masters and attempt to reconnect to them quickly.

If this option is not set, minions will still reconnect to failed masters but the first command sent after a master comes back up may be lost while the minion authenticates. Salt does not automatically share files between multiple masters. A number of files should be shared or sharing of these files should be strongly considered. Minion keys can be accepted the normal way using salt-key on both masters.

Otherwise state runs will not always be consistent on minions since instructions managed by one master will not agree with other masters.

The recommended way to sync these is to use a fileserver backend like gitfs or to keep these files on shared storage. While reasons may exist to maintain separate master configurations, it is wise to remember that each master maintains independent control over minions.

Therefore, access controls should be in sync between masters unless a valid reason otherwise exists to keep them inconsistent. You are viewing docs for the latest stable release, Switch to docs for the previous stable release, Privacy Policy. Toggle navigation. Overview Tutorials Documentation Downloads Develop.Full command list is given below.

You can set one clan in one channel. Bots commands work on default clan in channels where no clans are claimed. In case of multiple clans linked to your server it shows details of default clan in channels that are not linked to any clan. Run updatemembers command first to get the latest info. This note will show up when you will run updatemembers command i f that banned player is present in the clan or when you will be searching that player using lookup command.

This will show up when you will search that player using lookup command. Users with no claims get the No Claims role, and users who leave the clan in the game get the Not In Clan role. New users in the server will have the appropriate role assigned automatically. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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